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October 2, 2014- Don Stoner Invitational

I ran the Don Stoner Invitational this week and in my opinion did pretty well, both individually and as a team – I placed 3rd!  Our school got third overall which hasn’t happened in a long time. It looks like practices have been paying off. My times are still not where they were last year but I’m getting close. As long as I peak by the time we get to the State Championship, that’s all that matters!
Don Stoner-c


September 27, 2014- Bull Run at Hereford High School

I ran the Bull Run Invitational at Hereford High School this weekend.  This course is one of the hardest courses I have run in my life. Thank goodness it is over, I have been preparing for it mentally all week and was nervous for the results.  I ended up getting the best time ever on that course so I was relieved – overall I placed 9th. It’s a preview for the state meet which I plan to be ready for at the end of the season!
Bull Run


September 20, 2014 – Hood Blazers Invitational

I ran the Hood College Blazers Invitational this week and it was one of the flattest courses I’ve ever raced at. I was not happy with my time as I was cramping up during the race – I placed 7th. All of this is just telling me that I need to push harder and endure the pain to reach my goals.
Hood Blazers 2-c


September 6, 2014-Brunswick Ivitational

I ran my first meet of the season on Saturday September 6th in temperatures over 93 degrees.  Unfortunately, I got off to a slow start and ended up in 7th place.  Pretty disappointing, but it is just more motivation to train harder and get better!


August 16, 2014 – River Valley Ranch 10K

Just ran the River Valley Ranch 10K race in beautiful Manchester, Maryland! I wanted to run the 15K race, but we did not get my entry in on time so it was sold out. Great race, ended up winning it with a close finish at the end. Also met a great new friend (Richard Hughes) who gave me some great advice!

RiverRun-Start RiverRun-Finish

July 5, 2014 – Ocean Pines Freedom 5K

I had entered this race with bad man intentions. I knew I had this race in the bag! Since I had won this same race last year, I need to do it a second year in a row! And I did, with a time that I was happy about. When crossing the finish line I had saw the clock and it said 16:30-39, but the chip said I was in the 17s so I knew what I had really deserved.


May 31, 2014 – Destination Races – Virginia Wine Country Half Marathon

After the Maryland half marathon I knew I wanted to give 13.1 miles another go! I ended up placing a disappointing third but had gotten a better time than at the last half marathon. I just have to realize that I’m not the best runner yet and I still have  lots of work that needs to be done to fully become an elite runner. But I am definitely willing to put the training in! I had learned something today as well; testing other runners for weakness. There was a runner who was behind me and I didn’t even realize it until mile 5 when they popped up right next to me. After getting passed by the first two runners I knew I wasn’t going to let this runner beat me! What I had noticed through mile 5 through 7 is that when there were hills, they would fall behind. Knowing this, I gave every hill 110% in an effort to eventually pull away. As we approached the last mile, my plan worked and I had finished the race in 3rd!


May 25, 2014 – MCVET 10K

After completing a half marathon as my last race I knew today’s race wouldn’t be so bad! I ran the McVet 10k today and boy was I sore. The second place runner had pushed me up until the 4th mile, I knew I had to break free from him, he was resting on my back the whole time! With 2 miles left I switched gears and left him behind without looking back!