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May 18, 2014 – Hayden’s Heros 5K

This was for you Hayden. Placed first in this race too, my time wasn’t where I had wanted it to be, but at least I took the gold. I also had a fun time running with my brother! Check us our running for Hayden below.


May 10, 2014 – Maryland Half Marathon

Entering my first half marathon, I think I did pretty well. Coming in first by at least 3 minutes made me happy and wanting to do another! It was mentally challenging, it gives you a lot of time to think to yourself especially if you are trying to come in first! By the second mile I was ahead of everybody by a decent amount of time, I thought to myself…” I could really win this thing, just keep this pace up and don’t give up!” The course was definitely hilly but the worst part was the 12th mile, This was hard. Multiple uphills combined with little downhill is not an easy task, but I did not stop. It was at the end of the race, and just like that all the hard work I had put into the challenge had paid off. I had won my first half marathon!

cropped-MDHalfMarathon-AP.jpg MDHalf-Medal